What does your dentist offer?

Get the best out of your local dentist

Your individual needs to take care of your teeth will vary widely from person to person. For some, an NHS dentist will do just fine. If this is the case with you, then you may have inherited excellent 'tooth genes' or just been really careful about what you eat and have taken excellent care of your teeth. For many others though, the NHS dentist can really only do a 'patch up' job to keep your teeth in working order and to make your teeth look aesthetically much nicer, a cosmetic dentist is needed.

Whilst cosmetic dentists are also fully qualified to do standard procedures such as extractions and fillings, their area of speciality lies in improving the appearance of your teeth. Sometimes, as in the case of dental implants, this also means improving the strength and overall health of your teeth too. The most popular treatment in the field of cosmetic dentistry is undoubtedly the tooth whitening procedure. This is quite possibly because it is a simple and affordable procedure that only takes about an hour to do and you can see the results instantly. It should be noted that this procedure at the dentist is much more effective than home kits that can be bought from the chemist.

Other procedures, such as the dental implant procedure which is carried out by most cosmetic dentists including this top quality dentist in Ashby in Derbyshire, are far more involved and require a lengthy period of training before a dentist is allowed to carry it out. This is no bad thing as it involves, amongst other things, drilling into the jawbone. It should be noted though that as the jaw bone has very few nerves, this is nothing like as bad as it may sound.

Other popular procedures available ate a cosmetic dentist are dental veneers which are often used for extra whiteness or where the teeth are simply too discoloured for a whitening process to have enough effect. Invisible braces too offer a way for an adult to correct the positioning of their teeth without the need for an ugly traditional metal brace. Whatever your needs though, it is certainly worth investigating what your local cosmetic dentist can offer and whether it will benefit your own individual needs. Remember that this is not only purely about how ‘beautiful’ you look but that having even white teeth is likely to give you a significant boost in confidence, something that will have a major positive impact on both your professional and social life – food for thought!