Why use a cosmetic dentist?

The difference between cosmetic and general dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can do many things. Naturally, it helps to improve the appearance and structure of your teeth, but it can also help to bring about a great increase in your confidence. This is likely to have a major positive impact on your life, both in work affairs and personal relationships. Even if you have never felt comfortable with a dentist; by seeking out a helpful cosmetic dentist that you can trust you could change your life for ever. There are many reasons that people do visit cosmetic dentists on a regular basis, and some of these are listed below.

Poor Tooth Alignment

Many of us have teeth which are far from perfect and look uneven. There are now a variety of ways in which this can be corrected, from the standard metal dental braces which are effective but unattractive to modern techniques such as Invisalign which is an invisible brace. Another new technique which is gaining in popularity is the 6 month smile which combines many of the old and new technologies to create a fast working and relatively inexpensive method which is reasonably discreet to wear.

Discoloured Teeth

Everyone's teeth will start to darken as they age, some more than others depending on their lifestyle choices eg, smoking and drinking.

However well teeth are cleaned this is unavoidable. However, a one hour visit to a cosmetic dentist for a tooth whitening treatment can increase the whiteness of the teeth by a factor of around seven. For those whose teeth are badly discoloured to the point that any benefit from this treatment is limited, may prefer to take up the option to have dental veneers fitted. These are very fine layers of porcelain which are placed on the front of the teeth in a similar manner to false fingernails.

Missing Teeth

There are several options for when a tooth is lost; the most common of these being a partial denture.

These, however, can become uncomfortable and ill fitting after a while and because of this, many people seek out a more permanent solution, the best available being the dental implant which is screwed into the jawbone and a crown attached to it. This procedure provides a very good replacement for a lost tooth and will last for over twenty years providing that care is taken to look after it.

These are some of the main procedures that cosmetic dentists can perform but there are many others including less well known ones such as gum contouring. If you arrange an initial consultation at your dentist, they will be able to advise you of the best treatment for your own personal situation.