Comfortable and non-intrusive braces for straightening teeth

For some of us, the only braces that we wore whilst young were the ones to hold our trousers up (younger people probably won’t even know what they are!). However, our avoidance of dental braces is likely to mean that, as we look in the mirror today, we notice how crooked and uneven our teeth are. On balance, however, we may reflect that it was all worth it. Teenage years, after all, are hard enough without having to reveal a mouth full of metal every time that you smile, and having the traditional type of braces fitted would almost certainly have meant having to endure a degree of bullying in the schoolyard.

But, having accepted that we allowed our teeth to become uneven because of this, as sometimes happens later on, we find ourselves wondering if it is too late or if there is something that can be done about them, other than having metal braces fitted of course.

Well the good news is that there is! Where I live in the East Midlands, you can get invisible braces in Burton, Derby and other Derbyshire towns as well as those close by in Nottinghamshire. These new braces, often called clear braces, invisible braces, or sometimes by their trade name, Invisalign, are becoming very popular and with good reason. Although they work in a similar manner to traditional braces, they are are without the major disadvantages of the traditional ones.

The most obvious benefit is that there are much more discreet and can hardly be noticed by others around you. They can also be removed whilst eating, which is great news for those who like to dine out socially with friends. No more embarrassing or awkward moments when food gets stuck in your braces. In fact, as well as the embarrassment factor, this also helps to keep your teeth free of rotting food debris which causes decay. There is also no need to have the braces tightened as once a set has done their job and repositioned your teeth to where they have been designed for, they are removed and the next set put in. This is because, during the initial appointment, x rays and impressions will be taken to determine your positioning and several sets of these clear braces (usually four) are made with each simply replacing the previous one until the teeth are in their correct position.

This seemingly simple and unobtrusive system can at last bring back your even smile without the embarrassment of the more traditional methods.