Invisalign - the options

Invisalign braces to correct misaligned teeth

If you haven't been happy with your uneven teeth for some time and have been wondering if you are too late to do something about it, the good news is that it is not too late. The even better news is that you no longer need to have metal braces fitted to correct those wonky teeth. Invisalign offer a great way to straighten your teeth without the social embarrassment of metal braces.

However, these do not come cheap so you do need to decide if they are right for you. There is little doubt that Invisalign represent a giant leap forward and lets face it, anything that means you don't have to walk around with a mouth full of metal can be no bad thing. Of course, if you are prepared to spend a lot of money on these then you need to start to take good care of your teeth if you are somewhat lax on your oral hygiene habits. This Invisalign dentist in Epsom, Surrey told us that although rare, some patients find that they can't be bothered to clean their teeth after eating and therefore trap food particles in their teeth which can lead to decay. Perhaps I should explain.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign are designed to be removed whilst you eat. This is excellent news as it means that you are not restricted to eating certain foods. However, it would make logical sense to clean your teeth before putting the braces back in. To be fair, most do this but a few don’t and then wonder why they have problems! Most people that I asked that had had these fitted really raved about them and said that they were far better than they expected. Once the initial strange but not unpleasant sensation had passed after having them fitted, most people report that Invisalign are very comfortable indeed. Only a handful reported that anyone could notice them when they were wearing them.

The side effect of this is that people reported a boost in confidence, especially in the latter stages as their teeth started to approach their correct position. There appeared also to be little problem with them affecting speech, something several people do express concern about. They also work much quicker than traditional braces with the maximum time being around eighteen months, this will depend however on each individual case and some may only need a few months if the correction is relatively minor. So, if you are an adult (Invisalign are not suitable for children) and have uneven teeth, Invisalign may well be the answer that you have been looking for.