How dentists are differentiating their services from the competition

To provide the best dental care possible, of course, the dentists performing the procedure and supporting staff should be fully trained and experienced with a good reputation. Once this criteria has been fulfilled though, there are many other factors which can make the whole experience of having dental work done, especially the more invasive procedures such as dental implants, more pleasant.

Some practices are specifically geared around dental implants and are "state-of-the-art" such as this implant practice near Derby. Because this is a highly specialised field which requires many extra years of training, it makes sense to ensure that the facilities that are offered match this. Care of the patient is primary and it is important to make them as comfortable as possible and even relatively minor factor such as having comfortable dental chairs can make a world of difference to their experience. Sterilisation facilities too are very important in order to prevent any risk of cross infection which could have serious consequences. In fact this is a key area of importance in a dental practice and many now even use computerise only patient records to prevent the risk of cross infection on paper records. Whilst some people find dental practices stark and sterile looking, it is important to remember that this is not purely for appearances but to keep the risks of infection as low as possible. Needless to say, dental practices are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

All good dentists will be aware that some patients may have mobility problems, and accordingly ensure that the practice is fully accessible to those with special needs.

Whilst keeping all areas of a dental practice clean and minimally furnished, it is still important to create an environment that feels welcoming and warm; this can be tricky to achieve as starkness tends to create a cold atmosphere. Increasingly though, rather than simply scouring furniture catalogues, some dentists are turning to contemporary interior designers leaving it up to their expertise, with the correct guidelines of course.

Even the reception area is important. The first person that the vast majority of visitors see is the reception. It is important therefore that they are warm and welcoming and suitably attired. It is all too easy simply to put a receptionist in a regular uniform but some dentists are opting to allow them to have more freedom to dress as they feel fit in order to make them more relaxed. Of course, there are still dress policies that most dentists ensure their receptionists adhere too as too outlandish a dress could put off or even offend some patients.

Overall though, no longer is thought simply being put into the procedure itself although this is of course the most important factor, but the overall experience of the patient is now being given more thought and makes for a much more pleasant dental visit.