Cosmetic Treatments available in Edinburgh

Edinburgh cosmetic dentists can offer the following procedures and more.

These days, dental practises can offer much more than check ups and fillings so please see below for just some of the treatments offered by dentists in Edinburgh. For a full list of available dental treatments, Please contact your Edinburgh dentist.

Usually made from ceramic or porcelain, a crown is a tooth shaped cover which is used to not only improve the look of a tooth, but also to strengthen it. By adding this crown to a previously damaged tooth, further decay or wear and tear of the tooth is minimised. A crown can be considered to be semi permanent and should last in the region of ten to fifteen years if taken care of properly.

Invisible Braces
For many years now, teenagers have dreaded being told they would need to wear braces. A mouth full of metal is probably not what a style conscious teenager wants! Fortunately there are now alternatives available; from traditional style braces in a variety of trendy colours to the increasingly popular invisible braces which perform the same function as traditional braces but are virtually invisible. The most popular brand of this is Invisalign.

Cerec is a relatively new technique which allows a dentist to take a photographic image of a tooth and from that, a crown can be shaped, on site, to fit the damaged tooth. This is a vast improvement on the old technique which involved an impression being taken and then sent to a laboratory for the crown to be made. This process could take a few weeks and would certainly entail two visits, whilst using Cerec, the patient can have the photo taken and walk out with a new crown on the same visit.

Dental Implants Edinburgh
Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular as a method of replacing missing teeth. Although no artificial tooth can probably be as good as a regular tooth, dental implants are by far the best option around and users swear that they can hardly tell the difference. They are usually fitted in a single stage or two stages depending on the type used, with the mini dental implant being used on a single visit. Essentially, these consist of a titanium 'root' which is inserted into the jawbone and then a crown fitted on top. Once this has settled in, it offers a strong, realistic and almost permanent substitute for a missing tooth.

Root Canal Treatment
There are many myths and tales of terror surrounding root canal surgery. However, the root is really just the soft inner part of a regular tooth. To remove this, a local anaesthetic is placed into the area around the tooth and the root removed and filled. As the soft material contains the nerves, this in effect leaves a dead feeling tooth. This procedure should be no more painful than a standard filling and it is likely that most horror stories occur when people have infections or abscesses. In this case, your dentist will nearly certainly prescribe antibiotics before carrying out the procedure.

Tooth Whitening
Also referred to at times as tooth bleaching, this treatment is a popular one and although home bleaching kits can be bought, it is a procedure that is best carried out by a professional dentist. Often done as part of a total Hollywood smile makeover, tooth whitening can be done in a single visit, leaving you free to leave the surgery with a beautiful white smile.

Gum Contouring
For people who have a 'gummy smile', that is when the gum overgrows the teeth, it is now possible to correct this by having the gums contoured. A local anaesthetic will be used and once the area is numb, a laser will be used to cut off the excess gum and reshaping will take place to leave a natural looking gum line. The recovery time from this procedure is very short as the laser also seals the blood vessels at the same time.