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Holding Back the Years With Cosmetic Braces

The sight of a teenager walking down the local high street, his smile spoiled by the sight of metal braces, brought back memories of my school days when kids that wore braces tended to suffer at the hands of the local school bullies. It was probably because of this that I chose not to have braces and take my chances. Thankfully, it seems that kids now days are less inclined to pick on those who wear braces, although no doubt they will find other reasons. My own choice, however, has left me with fairly crooked teeth in my middle age. I wouldnít say I exactly look like one of the Clampetts from the Hillbillies but Iím borderline a stereotypical Brit as far as the Americans are concerned.

This has never really bothered me particularly, but a friend of mine recently was recently fitted with some invisible braces in Hanwell, and swears by them. Although he is only a month or two into the treatment, he says that his dentist is pleased with the results to date and has no doubt that he will end up with straight teeth at the end of the treatment.

This interested me, as I had just presumed that it was too late to do anything about my own teeth, and especially as there was no way I was having traditional braces. The funny thing though is that I hadnít even noticed that he was wearing these braces until he mentioned it. It was only then that I could just tell, but I have to say, I was quite impressed.

I was further impressed when we went to a local restaurant and he took them out to eat his meal. I had presumed that, like traditional dental braces, these would stay in all the time. Not so apparently; you can take them out when you need to which is primarily whilst eating and also to clean your teeth. I guess if you were going on a date or something similar, you probably would remove them then too.

We chatted quite a bit about these new braces and I think he may have convinced me .. I looked at my teeth when I got back and thereís no doubt I could benefit from them and they seem really easy to use so I think it will be a trip to my local dentist this week to have a chat with him and see what he suggests. All being well, Iíll have a new smile in a few months time!