Dentists improving their chairside manner

A patient friendly dentist is important for your family's dental care

It is important to many people, when they go for dental treatment, to see a friendly dentist as an unfriendly or blunt speaking dentist is not especially reassuring, especially to those who hold fears about visiting. Modern dentistry is relatively painless despite the fear of around a quarter of the population who don’t believe this. However treatment can still be a little uncomfortable despite modern anaesthetics and therefore even a patient who is not afraid of going to the dentist could be unnerved by an uncaring practitioner. This could also mean that future trips could then become a worry for the patient even though he or she had previously possessed no fear of dental treatment. 

A very unfriendly dentist would in fact be very likely indeed to lose their patients to other dentists especially as word got around. Indeed if a patient wanted to switch dentists then this could add to the anxiety of the patient as it is often difficult to find a new clinic that is accepting new patients... albeit they do exist if you look hard enough. There are still good quality cosmetic dentists such as Alexandra Dental Care which is described by many of its patients as being a family friendly dentist in Ashby. Like most cosmetic dentists, they offer a wide range of care from the basics to treatments such as dental implants. If you are considering this treatment then you need to ensure that you are 'not only' seeing a friendly professional but are also aware of the costs involved although dental plans which help you spread your costs are often on offer.

If you are somewhat nervous about visiting a dentist and are not yet registered with one, it is often possible to visit the dental practice and possibly even arrange a non treatment appointment with the staff. This can help you to decide if you would feel comfortable (or not) with this person performing work on you.

Most dentists now are more aware of how their patients feel and consequently treat them as human beings rather than simply something to be operated on; in fact, many now attend courses in how to have better relations with their patients as many have discovered that it is this, as much as their actual dental skills, which determines whether a patient is satisfied with them or not.